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Wood Staining

Wood staining is the application of color to wood. While wood stains are often similar to—and can be confused with—paint, staining wood will impart some of the pigment while leaving the wood grains and imperfections intact. A high-quality wood stain provides a seamless stain on the wood while preserving the original grain fully. Wood absorbs the stain, while the paint is usually coated over afterward to remove the grain if needed.

Wood stains come in various colors and designs, depending on the type of wood being stained and its function. However, staining wood doesn’t offer a lot of protection. Wood staining is usually a cosmetic technique. Most stained wood will need to be finished further to make it usable and protect it from the elements. 

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The benefits of staining wood are purely cosmetic. While older designs were usually limited to stains that closely resemble wood, modern pigments allow for a wide assortment of colors to choose from. 


When you order a new door or trim, it can be delivered to us and we’ll stain it and return it to you ready for installation. This will allow you to have your woodwork finished based on your needs and color preferences, rather than how the lumber yard would have available to you.

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